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Why Axes and Knives ?

For almost as long as humans have walked the earth, knives and axes have been with us. We used flakes of flint, quartz, obsidian and granite in the Stone Age to make them. The reason for this is clear. Tools such as axes and knives are in tune with the natural human upper body movements of  cutting, chopping, stabbing and slicing. In addition to this, they can be used to make other tools as well as to provide self defense, shelter and food. The range that is available for example, of Bowie knivesKukri knives, Wood Axes and Tomahawks is extensive. As a result, most of these are capable of serving effectively and efficiently in a whole range of capacities. They should be considered a key part of your tool set, just as they have been an essential part of the survival of humankind throughout history.

Beautiful axes and Knives by Hellize

Axe-knife set by hellize


There are specific essential needs that must be considered whether or not you choose to leave or to hunker down in the event of a disaster. Here’s just one example: if the power goes out during a stormy winter, and does not come back on for more than a couple of days. In this case you will need to have made provisions for heat and water. Your battery pack and electric tools are great until the power runs out!  If it goes on any longer there will come a time when you need to chop something or cut something or fix something. Whether that is to make a stretcher or shelter, board up windows, rescue someone who is trapped, or make a fire, the potentiality is endless and unpredictable.

While it is not reasonable to predict every event or possibility, it is prudent and wise to make sure we are prepared for what we can. A good Axe and a good Knife are relatively low cost basics to start with.

Being able to handle a situation in the safest and most effective way possible, is why we should prepare. Being prepared can save lives.




Survival Self Defense - How to protect yourself and your family
Survival Self Defense - How to protect yourself and your family

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