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Home Repair Supplies for Disaster situations

Home Repair Supplies for Disaster situations

All of us stock food, water, medical and other standard supplies. What would you stock just in case your house needs a little first-aid?  Would you stock Home Repair supplies?  Your house could be damaged from many causes, both natural and man-made. This can lead to leaking roofs, damaged windows or worse.

You need to start with a good set of tools. The basic tools must be hand operated and not dependent on electric energy. You can add electrical tools for normal use, but this is a really fundamental list for when the power is out and you need to fix something fast.

  1. A Good Knife
  2. A Good Axe
  3. A Pry Bar
  4. A Claw Hammer
  5. Two Sledge Hammers, one small, one large
  6. Two Hand Saws, rip and crosscut
  7. A Hack Saw, with spare blades
  8. Pliers: Standard, lock and adjustable, several dimensions
  9. Adjustable Wrenches. A minimum of 6 and eight inch Crescent Wrenches
  10. Screw Drivers: Flat, Phillips and Robertson heads, several sizes.
  11. A Tape-measure
  12. A Hand Operated Drill
  13. A Brace and bits
  14. Star drills
  15. Work Gloves
  16. A Level
  17. Two sizes of Pipe wrenches
  18. A Ratchet & Socket set
  19. A Ladder which will safely reach your roof

Additionally, you should also have :

  • A good volume and selection of nails and screws.
  • Tarps for covering roofs, home windows or holes in walls. You may also construct emergency animal shelters or safeguard your physical assets from rain, sun, wind etc.
  • 6 and 2 mil Plastic Sheets have uses much like a tarp, however not as strong. They’re great for very temporary repairs, safeguarding furniture or any other possessions just in case water leaks.
  • Rope and Bungees. A lengthy piece of rope may be used to tie a tarp, secure doorways or leash for any pet. If you are confronted with windy conditions bungees may be used to secure a tarp and ensure that it stays taut.
  • Wire or cable ties make the perfect idea for numerous repairs, have a wide range of dimensions, and are an excellent Survival Tool
  • Duct Tape may be used a lot of things. The list is nearly endless. Buy several rolls of good quality duct tape. Don’t purchase the cheap stuff from discount stores.
  • Plywood: a couple of sheets can be quite handy for from repairing a roof covering, covering home windows and security
  • Plumbing supplies, washers, gaskets, and extra pipe.
  • Screening for repairing door or window screens.
  • Cement, must be protected against moisture.
  • Wire both electrical and fence.
  • Wood glue.

These are not the only products that you ought to have in your house repair supplies, just a basic idea of what you should have on hand to protect and repair your house when necessary.

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