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Basic Firearms Training. Do You Need It?

Basic Firearms Training. Do You Need It?

Basic Firearms Training For Self Defense

When it comes right down to it, guns seem like a pretty cool solution for self defense.

They’re awesome looking weapons that allow you to deliver death from a distance away. Everyone knows that getting shot will kill you, and everyone knows that if someone has a gun, they’re a force to be reckoned with. Not only that, but they give you so many great hunting possibilities. Just having a gun means you can go hunting, keep yourself fed, and keep your family and possessions safe, as well. Right?

Wrong! The truth is that a gun is a tool, and just like any tool it will be useless if you don’t know how to properly utilize it. Sure, like many tools it’s a somewhat intuitive one. You point the barrel at someone, pull the trigger, and you’ve killed them, maybe. However, as in all things, just knowing a few basic concepts is not the same as being able to properly use a tool. If you want a gun to do anything for you other than be a danger, you need to get basic firearms training. What good is basic firearms training that you can’t simply teach yourself by going down to the local firing range? What benefit do you get by taking an actual class as opposed to trying to self teach?

Benefits Of Basic Training

Many states actually require a firearms training class before they’ll give you a license. So in many cases, it’s actually illegal to try to self-train. However, even for states where you can buy a gun without needing a class, you should still take one.

Have you ever tried to use a tool that you only somewhat knew how to use? Maybe your shelves were falling apart, and you figured you could nail in a few nails and fix it? Perhaps your faucet was leaking, and you figured it wouldn’t take much more than a pipe wrench to fix? How did that turn out? For most people, it turned out well enough, but it was much more difficult than it had seemed when other people did it. For other people, it actually turned out horrible, and they wound up breaking things even worse. There are even a few people for whom it might have turned out well, but with most small tools no one’s life is at stake like it is with a gun.

Unfortunately, humans tend to focus on the times things went well rather than taking a realistic view of the situation. And a realistic view makes it obvious that having only a vague familiarity with your tools doesn’t mean you can use them properly. If you want to protect yourself and your family, you’re going to need to know how to shoot and properly care for that gun. Beyond that, however, you’re going to need to know how to use that gun in a combat situation.

Using the gun as a defense tool is much different from just using it at the firing range. When you’re in a dangerous situation, your body begins to act differently. Adrenaline begins to pump, higher brain functions are turned off, and you go on pure instinct in an attempt to keep yourself alive. This is why so many people make poor decisions when they’re in a dangerous situation. They get scared, and they stop thinking clearly. They begin to react in whatever way seems most obvious at that precise moment in order to keep them alive. The end result almost always has them dying or worse.

If you want to avoid that, you need to train with your gun until it’s nothing untitledbut instinct that you can draw it, fire it, and make sure you can hit your target no matter the distance and situation. You need to be able to instinctively check your backdrop, and put enough holes in the threat that it will stop them. If you can’t do that, then your gun is more dangerous to you than someone else.

Where To Get Training

If you’re not completely familiar with guns, you need basic firearms training! So where can you get it? Your best option is to check your local gun or hunting supply shop. Those places will often have flyers and business cards from people who teach classes. They’re easy enough to find, because they want you to be trained just as much as you want to be trained.

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