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Which Are the Best Firearms for Home Defense?

Which Are the Best Firearms for Home Defense?

If you want to be able to protect your family in the event of an intruder coming into your home, then you will need a firearm, and training in how to use it. Getting involved in a hand to hand altercation is simply too risky in a home invasion scenario. Selecting the best firearms for home defense, and then making sure that every mature person in your home is capable of using them, and is comfortable with them, is the best course of action.

So, what are the best firearms for home defense? Well, there are several criteria that you should consider. Size, recoil, ease of use and to an extent even intimidation factor are all important.

The Mossberg 500/590

This pump action shotgun is a brilliant choice for home security. It’s big, so it can be clearly seen. The sound of it being racked will scare most intruders before they even see you, and while it’s not pinpoint accurate, it will do a lot of damage in close quarters, and anyone with any common sense knows that. This is the kind of gun you get to scare people away, and that you will hopefully never need to use.

The Glock 17/19

This 9mm pistol is affordable, easy to carry, accurate, has minimal recoil, and is cheap to practice with too. This makes it a good gun for most people in the household to be trained in. There’s no point in someone having a gun if they are nervous with it or aren’t willing to use it. There’s no point someone having a gun which has recoil so bad that it hurts them. This pistol doesn’t fall into that category. It’s reliable, it’s accessible, and it gets the job done.


The AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle. It is perfect for fending off multiple intruders. With a shotgun, you’ve got a significant amount of time between each shot. Even a pistol picks off one ‘bad guy’ at a time, and unless you’re a pro with plenty of range between you and the intruder, you’ll have a problem. With an AR-15, if you get a group of people breaking in, you’ll still have a chance. The AR-15 fires rapidly, has decent capacity, and packs a punch.

Shotgun pistols

Shotgun pistols like the Smith and Wesson Governor are another interesting option. They have comparatively ergonomic grips, they’re reliable, they hold more than one round, and they do a lot of damage. They’re also small enough and accessible enough that even younger users and women can work with them reliably.


Whatever firearms you choose, you need to think about storage and safety. A gun for home protection isn’t much use if it’s in the basement behind a locked safe door, while you sleep upstairs. The guns need to be kept out of reach of untrained users, but somewhere that allows you to access them easily if a sudden emergency were to arise.

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