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Bug-Out Bags

Simply a bag or container containing items that will get you through.

The primary purpose of a bug-out bag is to permit you to evacuate quickly if a disaster strikes. Collect all of the materials and supplies that may be needed in advance. Assemble these into one place, like a bag or some storage containers. We recommended that a bug-out bag should contain enough provisions for 72 hours. It’s could take Emergency Responders up to 72 hours, or more to reach you in a disaster.

The bag’s contents should vary according to the season and region that you are in. If you are evacuating from path of a hurricane you could have completely different supplies than someone who lives in an area with blizzards, earthquakes or wildfires. Winter and summer seasons may require a re-pack of different supplies, or having a separate one for each season. Sheltering in place in emergencies, like house fires, blackouts, tornadoes, and other severe disasters can be very stressful. Having a bug out bag on hand can help keep you safe physically and emotionally.

Keeping a ‘get home’ kit in the car or truck, and/or at work is also a good idea. This kit may enable you to get back home in an emergency where all transport has broken down, and roads are blocked. It’s designed around personal circumstances where, for instance, a walk of 25km may well be needed to get you home. As an example the ‘get home’ kit may include enough water to get home, appropriate walking shoes, a paper map (not electronic), enough food for 12 hours, suitable clothing for the weather (i.e.) Rain Gear, Sunscreen, hat, warm coat, boots, Pocket Knife etc.


Survival Self Defense - How to protect yourself and your family
Survival Self Defense - How to protect yourself and your family

Discover the secrets to defending yourself and your family when disaster strikes!