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Compound Bows

Compound Levering Means Less Strength Is Needed

A compound bow uses a levering system of cables and pulleys to bend the limbs and gain greater mechanical advantage. This translates into more power and accuracy than the traditional recurve or longbow with less effort.

When hunting, having the correct bow and the proper technique will determine if you are successful in killing your prey. Large game have 3 differing types of skin. Some have thick hides with large, heavy bones, others have light hides and light-weight bones, and a few simply have tough skin.
Obviously, for big game your bow needs to be very-very powerful. Bows with 50-70lbs draw weight are the most suitable, as their arrows will have a higher velocity. You also need the right arrows equipped with broadheads, razor sharp and with some weight to them. Kinetic energy is essential when bow hunting large prey. It’s the arrow’s weight and speed that determines how much kinetic energy is delivered and power of the penetration.

For thick skin or heavy coats you will need arrows that can deliver 48 – 80 foot pounds of energy. For thin skin 25 – 39 foot pounds is sufficient. Species that are considered large game are: white tail deer, mule deer, moose, elk, caribou, bears, big horn sheep, pronghorn and wild boars.


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