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Eight Unusual Weapons For Home Defense

Eight Unusual Weapons For Home Defense

You should always have the proper measures in place to defend your home in the event of an attack or break-in. Of course, you can always hope that you will never be attacked, but you still need to take the necessary steps to protect your home accordingly. Some everyday household items can be turned into unusual weapons for home defense. Add in some inexpensive extras and you can readily improvise a multiple deterrent system.

Do You Really Need Weapons In Your Home?

Take an example of a crisis where there is a food shortage. Lots of people will be looking for sustenance for their families. If you have your own stockpile, there is a huge target on your back. Therefore, if your home is protected, you can keep your family safe throughout the crisis.

When it comes to protection, most people assume nothing else works besides firearms. When the need arises, anything can become a weapon. Of course, you need to think beforehand when to use the ordinary item and transform it into a crude weapon to ward off any malicious third parties.

Here are some useful ordinary items that can be used as a weapon at any time.

1. Wasp Spray – You might prefer using pepper spray as a non lethal weapon, but if you don’t have any on hand Wasp Spray may provide somewhat of an alternative. Wasp spray can be used up to a distance of 20 feet in a windless environment. Therefore, you can attack the assailant before he/she even gets close to you, but it is an inferior deterrent to Pepper Spray and probably won’t stop a determined criminal. Additionally it may only be used in the home to avoid any legal ramifications caused by the toxic chemicals it contains.

2. Sonic Weapons – Mostly used on the high seas to keep pirate ships away, these weapons can also come in handy in the household. Of course, compared to those used by merchantmen and Navy ships, the sonic weapons used in the household are considerably smaller and probably battery powered. The sound produced when activated makes the assailant afraid or nauseous making it tough for him/her to attack.

3. Tactical Light – They are bright enough to stun the assailant momentarily, fending off any impending attack. Some tactical lights come with a strobe feature where they flash very fast, thus blinding temporarily or disorienting the attacker. Keep in mind that it’s not a permanent defense weapon, but when the assailant is disoriented, you can always grab something better.

4. Flare Gun – It’s not advisable to use it indoors, but when the need arises, you can make good use of it. It is made up of a twelve gauge shotgun shell that fires out a flare, resembling a fireball. Since the weapon is made out of plastic and orange in color, paint it black to resemble a real gun.

5. Dogs – If you keep large dogs as pets, train them to defend your home by attacking any intruders. They move very fast so it’s tough to fight them. While they chase off the assailant, you can comfortably watch from a safe distance.

6. Caltrops – An ancient weapon, mostly used for defense against charges from any charging cavalries. It resembles a star, with four points (think large jumping jacks with very sharp points). Therefore, no matter where it lands, there is always one side pointing upwards. If an assailant steps on the weapon, he/she could be harmed. Try scattering them in your yard or under the windows in your home. If anyone gets into your home through the window, they will step on one and get hurt severely.

7. Torch – Just like the flare gun, a torch is also a good terror weapon for defending yourself from assailants in your home. Of course, the assailants will try to avoid getting burned. If you direct the torch towards them, they will forget to attack you since they are defending themselves from getting hurt in the first place.

8. Pressure Washer – If you have a pressure washer in your home, try using it as a non-dangerous weapon. It’s hard for an attacker to do anything with high pressured water aimed directly at him/her. Even better, you can try adding a chemical irritant to make the weapon more effective. Impractical to keep set up for most people.

Note that, there is no definitive day when an assailant will gain entry in your home. Therefore, you need to have any of these weapons ready, on hand whenever the attack happens. On the other hand, if you have a concealed carry permit, make sure you always bring your firearm with you.

You never know when you will be attacked. Even worse, it could happen on the day that you choose to leave your gun behind. Of course, if you have kids in the house, it might be tough to carry the gun around with you at all times. Therefore, you should keep it in a place that’s reachable for whenever there is an issue.

Besides the gun, any other weapons such as cutlery, utensils and much more can always come in handy whenever you’re attacked. Rather than freezing in the face of an attack, improvise and find a weapon that defends you properly.


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