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Katana, Sword Of The Samurai

The Katana became popular amongst samurai because of the dynamic nature of close-combat warfare. The faster draw of the weapon was well matched to combat where short response times were essential for victory. The katana made this possible by being worn thrust through a belt-like sash (obi) with the sharpened edge facing up. A samurai was trained to try and draw the weapon and strike the enemy in one fluid motion

Siwode Handmade Katana

Siwode Katana

The blade on this Katana is hand forged 1060 high carbon steel, with a full tang blade and comes very sharp. It is beautifully detailed, with real ray skin. This sword could easily kill or injure anything in its path, including the wielder, so be very careful! Good value for the money.

Shijian Clay Tempered Katana

Shijian Clay tempered Katana

Battle Ready, this 1095 high carbon steel, Clay tempered sword is one solid weapon. While this is not a true katana (they’re usually made from at least 3 different metals), it is a gorgeous and well crafted sword that will cost you one tenth of the price (or less) than the real thing. At this price it is a huge bargain.

CAS Hanwei SH6007KFE Tori Elite Katana
CAS Hanwei Katana

Moving up the price ladder is this beautiful Katana. It is made from K120C powder steel. Powder steel has the benefit of having a highly homogenous microstructure and for evenly distributing carbon content throughout the blade to an exceptionally high degree. In regards to edge retention and durability it performs in similar fashion to 1095 high carbon steel. This sword was designed to be used, not just looked at. Some normal targets you might try it on include straw mats, small 1.5 inch trees etc.

History of the Katana

The history of the Katana

Written by leading Samurai expert Stephen Turnbull, this book reveals the story of how and why the Samurai sword of Japan is probably the finest edged weapon ever made. It covers the development of the familiar curved blade from the original straight blades, the associated development of Japan’s famous steel-making techniques and the challenges from contemporary warfare, together with the technical details of forging, polishing, mounting and testing. A detailed examination of its use in combat, from the greatest Samurai armies to individual duels and revenge killings completes the history.


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