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Nine Essential OPSEC Survival Secrets

Nine Essential OPSEC Survival Secrets

Operational Security (OPSEC) is absolutely critical in the military. A crucial aspect of combat effectiveness is denying information to your enemy, especially information regarding your plans. If your enemy discovers what you are up to, they could take action that counters your tactics, which increases the chances that you will lose troops and decrease your chance of winning.

Our armed forces have enemies and so do you. Just one to two percent of our entire population is making preparations for a crisis. What that means is a majority of people have their heads in the sand playing ostrich. So when disaster hits, they will be yelling for help. They will be looking to the government or anybody else who can provide them with the essentials they need to survive. If they discover you have the supplies they are in need of, they will be at knocking on your front door.

That could potentially be quite dangerous, particularly if you turn them down and don’t help them. People who are desperate have a tendency to do desperate things. They might be back – and next time be armed with guns and reinforcement. To avoid this potential scenario, you need to have your very own OSPEC, and keep your plans secret from your potential enemies.

OPSEC Survival Secrets

1 – Don’t Tell Anybody. A majority of people end up blowing their own OPSEC when they tell their friends what they are up to. Even recruiting others to make preparations with you needs to be approached extremely carefully. If they decide they don’t want to work with you right now, they will definitely remember your plans whenever things go bad and need help. Your so-called friends could end up being the worst enemies you could ever have.

2 – Train Your Children To Keep Quiet. Kids tend to be very bad at keeping secrets. Although you definitely want them to be involved in your preparations, you don’t want them telling all of their friends. So you need to train them to keep things secret. The most effective and easiest way of doing that is to provide them with a story to tell their friends and then reward them in some way for helping you keep your preparations secret.

3 – Don’t Be Too Obvious About How You Fortify Your Home. Although preparing your house for an attack is a good idea, you don’t want it to be too obvious. Building a 10-foot cement wall around your house would be like putting up a billboard that said “Preppers Live Here.” It would be much better to opt for something more subtle, such as a hedge made of thorny bushes. The purpose of static defenses is to buy you some time for putting your defensive plan into action. They won’t ever keep you totally safe from a planned and determined attack.

3 – Hide Your Supplies. Everyone has visitors coming and going from their homes. If somebody comes into your house and see piles of food boxes everywhere, it will give them a good idea of what you’re up to. Find places where you can hide your food stocks that are less obvious. A great place is the basement if you have one. However, even if you don’t have a basement you can still hide them. Just get creative. There are many potential hiding places in your house, like closets or underneath the sink.

4 – Receive Shipments Carefully. If all of a sudden you start to get large shipments at your front door, people will start to notice. Ramp up your shipments gradually so it just looks like regular ordering.

That applies to items you purchase in person also. If you come home with the back of your truck completely full of food and begin to unload it, your neighbors are going to be wondering what you are up to. If you purchase that much at one time, cover everything up with a tarp. To unload, park your truck either in the back yard or garage, where your neighbors won’t be able to see what you are up to.

5 – Look Like Everybody Else Does. Do your best to make your family and house blend in with everybody else. If everybody is losing weight because there are food shortages but everyone in your family is chubby, people are going to start to get suspicious. If all of the lights in the entire city are out, but your lights are blazing out of all of your windows, everybody will know you have power somehow. It is much better to hide any affluence you might have and allow others to believe you are struggling just as much as them.

6 – Out of Sight Means Out of Mind. Stay hidden as much as possible so that people are less likely to think about you. You will of course need to go outside for some things, such as caring for your garden. However, you don’t need to be really obvious about it. Try to do things in such a way that you stay out of everybody sight as much as you can.

7 – Sign up to receive Government Assistance. Unless it’s a nationwide crisis, FEMA will definitely be there, in addition to many other government agencies. Sign up for help like everybody else does. You will stand out as somebody who doesn’t need any help if you don’t. Even if your neighbors somehow didn’t notice, the government definitely will. They may knock on your door so they can see what you have there.

8 – Noise and Light Discipline. Light blazing out your window is an obvious sign you have some kind of an alternate power source. So use blackout curtains to cover up your windows unless you are able to make it appear to be candlelight. Also, a loud television or radio can also easily give you away.


The less you let others know about what you’re up to, the better off you will be. If you do obvious things, then prepare a good story that you can use. You can explain drilling a well as wanting to have the ability to water your lawn with no restrictions. You are growing a vegetable garden because you are opposed to GMOs. No matter what you do, be sure to make your cover story believable.

All this requires you to have some good acting skills. It is better to act like something else is happening than to deny that you aren’t doing anything. People start to wonder when they don’t know what’s going on. They will stop wondering if you are able to give them an answer that sounds credible and you will off of their radar screen.


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