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Sabers, Cutlasses and Scimitars

Curved Swords

The precise origin of curved swords such as Sabers, Cutlasses and Scimitars, has been debated for years. It’s been generally accepted that the original design of curved swords came from the East. Curved swords probably started somewhere around Egypt, in the form of the Khopesh (a weapon with attributes of both a sickle and a sword, perhaps serving as both).

As the Scimitars evolved in the east, the west was catching on to the trend. Sabers and cutlasses were slowly conceptualized and developed in Europe.
The curved blades were ideal for horsemen, where using straight blades tended to snag within the bodies of their haplessly impaled foes. Curved swords can slash opponents and slice through or slide off as the horsemen ride by. Curved blades were also more compact than straight ones. Cavalry became able to slash from side to side without endangering the ears off their horses.
This compact size also became very popular with Sailors, since ship-board combat was typically in very tight quarters, with a large amount of wooden obstacles for straight swords to get stuck in.

Combat Commander Thracian Sica

Inspired by the “sica,” a sword commonly wielded by elite Thracian – aka “Thraex” – gladiators. The distinctive shape was designed to get around the sides of an opponent’s shield, and stab or slash them in the back. This is very similar in size and construction to the Combat Commander straight Gladius, but with a curve. It has a 16 5/8″ 1065 high carbon steel blade; hefty, powerful build and a sleek black coating. The ominous curved profile mirrors that of storied Thraex “sica” blade. With a rock-solid full tang construction and Rubberized TPR handle, it is built to handle tough…

Condor Tool & Knife Sinbad Scimitar

The Condor Sinbad scimitar is constructed of 1075 high carbon steel, heat treated and annealed to 50-55 Rockwell C scale coated in a blasted satin finish.
The hardwood handle is finished with a smooth and comfortable grip that is strong and durable. The sheath included is made of a high quality, heavy duty, and hand crafted leather. The sword is perfect for draw-cutting but the weighted head also makes chopping motions a breeze. For the money, this is a pretty great sword.

Cold Steel 1917 Hybrid Cutlass Sabre

This sword comes with a British proof test certificate which describes the tests (mistreatment) performed. Made from 1055 high carbon steel, the blade and guard are blued and the finish is excellent. It is a true combat ready blade and is heavier than the training weapons you may have used before. But despite it’s weight it is fast and agile in the hand and responds to the slightest movement of your hand and wrist.

Cold Steel 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre

This sword is inspired by the iconic swords used by the British and their allies at the Battle of Waterloo. Its distinctive blade profile is considered by some to have been derived from the Indian Talwar, and it gained such popularity that it remained in use (by the German Cavalry) until the beginning of the Twentieth century! But this is more than just an historically inspired showpiece – it’s a high quality modern saber that is fully capable of passing the famous British Proof Test for quality and durability. Made with 1055 High Carbon Steel and a full tang, it is a good tool for the intended role.

Cold Steel – Fighting with Cutlass and Sabre

This DVD set is designed as a serious, straightforward, and focused course that deals solely with the combative use of the saber and cutlass. This is the best way to build the necessary foundation of skills, techniques, and eye-hand coordination that will allow you to oppose a wide spectrum of adversaries who are armed with all kinds of street weapons. After learning and refining your basic skills you will be ready to progress to the seldom taught subjects of infighting, grappling, and brawling with a saber. Most of us will never see a fencing instructor or school, bad as we may wish, so here’s an affordable alternative…. close as we can get.


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