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Should I run for it or stay where I am ?

Should I run for it or stay where I am ?

Making a run for it or “Bugging Out” refers to packing your things up and leaving home to visit a different location. That might or might not align with your belief of never wanting to return.  People being forced to leave town on account of a natural disaster such as a hurricane or flooding are common illustrations of Bugging Out.  They load up their cars and head out.  That is one of the main reasons why FEMA and others recommend that you have a Bugout Bag (BOB) filled with supplies that can keep you alive for around 72 hours that you can take with you at a moment’s notice.

“Staying put” refers to staying where you are with your supplies with the intent of riding the storm out of the impending chaos that is on its way.  Therefore the question that many in preparedness circles ask in the context of terrorism, biological or political kinds of chaos is “Will you stay put or bug out?”

The question of whether to bug out or not is one of the most important questions that we need to ask ourselves while preparing for emergencies.  It is a very personal question and there isn’t any universal right or wrong with it.  The factors driving every individual to make their own personal decisions really are too numerous to discuss in any great detail.

In order to answer this question for yourself, you need to ask several other questions in order to determine which option is best for you given your situation.  The following are fairly basic questions and resolve around the following issues:

  1. – Your Situation: What exactly pushes your internal button telling you “we need to leave?”
  2. – Your Location: Can apply to where you are planning to go as well as where you are now.
  3. – Your Health: Do you have the ability to leave physically and potentially walk as far as you need to?
  4. – Your Dependents: Do you have elderly relatives or small children?  How about pets?
  5. – The Threat: So what is the specific threat that you feel you need to plan to leave?
  6. – Your Destination: Where are planning on going to?
Your Situation

This can have a significant impact on whether or not you should or shouldn’t Bug Out.  You will need to decide when you are going to make the decision to go.  If it is an economic collapse you are planning for, what events would trigger you feeling the need to leave home and go someplace else?  Just how bad do things have to become in order for you to make that decision.  What if you happen to be away from home when it occurs?  In this situation your concern is going to be more about returning home.  What is your going family going to do until you return?  What if there is 3 feet of snow due to being the middle of winter?  You have a way to defend your family and yourself?

Your Health

Can you physically strap a backpack onto your back and leave your house never to return?  If necessary, can you run?  Do you need to have medication that has to be taken daily or refrigerated?  In some situations you won’t have any choice.  You will have to Stay Put, and will need to plan for it.

Your Dependents

Do you have any small children who can’t travel long distances?  Do you have any kids who have special needs or who are still in diapers?  Even healthy children under 10 years old would have a difficult time handling a Bug-Out situation if there wasn’t any stability and the situation lasted a long time.  Do you have any pets that wouldn’t ever leave and couldn’t transport with you?  Are you pregnant?

Your Location

Do you live in a very rural area with very little in sight or in a major city?  Do you live somewhere that if the grid were to come crashing down on your tomorrow that you would still be able to survive?  I’m not talking about whether it would be hard enough, but if you live in a big city high-rise apartment will you be able to plant a garden?  Would you have to walk out of the city with millions of other individuals?  Where would you go if that was the case?

The Threat

This might be the easiest question for you to answer.  However, depending on the specific threat, most likely you will have several answers.  If it is a natural disaster or flood and you have enough notice you might decide to leave.  However, you might decide to stay if it’s a viral outbreak.  Has your city in the past turned chaotic with tons of people looting and fires and riots breaking out?

Your Destination

Where are you headed?  Do you have anywhere to go and have a survival kit stocked with supplies?  If you have time and the threat happens to be a natural disaster such as a hurricane, you most likely can just stay with family for a couple of days.  That could be one of the very first things that you think of.  Are you going to load up your family in the car and take off down the highway?  If so, where are you going to go?  Unless I was really desperate I wouldn’t go driving off trying to live off of the land.  You might end up being faced with this type of circumstance and you will need to decide when that time comes.

No matter what experience you have, you need to ask yourself these important questions when having to make this kind of decision that can affect those you love and your possession.  There isn’t any expert who can tell you what is the best thing for your family and yourself in your specific situation.

When you take all of the above criteria into consideration, for the average individual who doesn’t really have anywhere to go, then the best option is probably Bugging In.  You won’t be able to wander into the forest and kill squirrels and deer and live like a king. This is much harder to do than you might think, and it’s nothing like the TV show Survivor. If you live in the Pacific Northwest it’s much more like History Channel’s Alone.  For the average individual that isn’t going to happen. You won’t be alone for one thing.  There could very well be millions of other people in the same situation as you, all competing for the same, scarce resources.