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The Will To Survive

The Will To Survive

Ordinary people, who haven’t ever really considered life from a criminal perspective have a hard time understanding – or even really conceptualizing – the desperate and heinous behavior that hardened criminals are capable of enacting, and what to do to survive. Despite our most optimistic ideals, we need to remain aware of the fact that evil is a very real thing and there are genuinely sociopathic individuals out there who are more than willing to prey on others. While naive pacifism is not a practical reaction to the possibility of conflict with a hardened criminal, neither is paranoid fear. You need to have a planned response to the threat of violence that fits your personal beliefs in a way that will keep you safe without forcing you to start at shadows.

Life Views and Beliefs

It’s not my goal to try and argue you around to seeing the world the same way I do. I just want to make you understand that whatever you choose to do – or not to do – your actions are going to have consequences. I don’t think we need to get down to metaphysical philosophy to talk about the value of your life to you. Depending on what you’ve experienced and how you were raised, you doubtless have your own opinions about the proper way to live. Perhaps they incorporate religious ideas or perhaps they’re based entirely on reason.

I want you to consider your beliefs about what you would and would not do and then ask yourself where they would lead you if you were faced with a genuine life-or-death situation, a direct threat from another person who intended you lethal harm. How can you – how should you – prepare for this scenario? Do you understand just how brief your future could be if you make the wrong choices in situations like this? I think that if you take the time to really think through exactly what’s involved in the decision to save your own life, you will be prepared to contemplate how you’ll face the sort of threat described above.

Laws, Religions and Philosophies

For countless centuries – if not millennia – law-abiding people have striven in vain to try and understand the mind of the violent criminal. Explanations for their behavior and their actions have been offered that range from the medical to the superstitious to the political. These are, again, areas of debate that could be endlessly argued. I don’t think there’s any mature, realistic philosophy or line of reasoning out there that tries to deny the existence of criminals who would be willing to kill you in the right circumstances.

Threatening person

Recognizing that a life-or-death confrontation with a hardened killer who is entirely willing to sacrifice you to achieve some goal may be a possibility. Wise people don’t spend too long looking for the deeper meaning behind the existence of evil; they recognize it and make plans to stand against it if they have to. There’s a reason why self-defense is a principle enshrined in both religion and the rule of law. You can justify almost any action if you carry it out in order to protect yourself and the things you hold dear.

Sometimes violence is the only useful response to an attack or a situation where an attack is clearly imminent. Certainly no one who has become a victim of violent crime would be opposed to taking steps that could have prevented their victimization.

I know that there will be some people who can’t contemplate the thought of doing violence to another human being regardless of the circumstances. Best of luck to you, but if you have a realistic understanding of the dangers waiting for you out in the world and are willing to take steps to defend yourself against them, you may find the material presented in some of my following articles to be extremely helpful.